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Financial Services

Improving the experience of the account holder and the insured


Offer value solutions to the financial sector that allows them to incorporate new clients, and satisfy the requirements of the current ones in relation to digital services, in order to increase their loyalty, reducing the loss of customers and the risk of fraud.


Improving the experience of the account holder based on a greater and better knowledge of their needs and their current situation. Which will be essential not only to confirm their preference for the present financial services institution, but also expands their operations, acquire new products and services or simply change to the institution that provides a better experience throughout the day.

Elements such as quick response, ease of use, personalization and simplification of the "effort" to perform an operation or a procedure, coupled with the security of capital and information of each person, are critical factors to meet the demand of the customers in the new financial world, each day more disruptive and digital.

The Global HITSS solutions for the Financial sector

Include global business partners experts in financial services, digital banking, insurance, mobility and security, among others, which, integrated with our communication and information technology capabilities, allow us to deliver what each of our customers requires, contributing to their positioning as leaders in the new digital society.

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Digital ID

Digital ID

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Dynamic car policy

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Digital assistance for the insured



Digital technology, integrated and connected to the network.


Stable high-speed connectivity, inventoried digital technology and IoT identification.


Specialized systems for the attention of account holders and customers as well as the digital records of each one of them.

Digital Attention

Digital services, information control and collaboration among professionals in the financial sector.

Sectoral Integration

Interconnected systems, exchange information with other systems, expanding the coverage of the collaboration ecosystem in the financial sector.

Continuous care of Finances

Information control and open chain automation.