WEB Portals and Mobile Applications

A web-based environment that permits access to applications, services and information in a consistent and systematic manner.

Through the Web Portals and Mobile Applications, an organization can provide to theiremployees, clients, partners and suppliers one single point of access to applications, services and information that are needed for their day to day activities.
Through the use of communities, organizations, roles and user groups there can be provided a collaborative environment, at the same time there is granted process and restricts the content protecting the appropriate users.

Reasons to implement a Portal


  • Reduction of costs upon implementing new applications.
  • Automzation of the processes through a self-service technique
  • Centralized location for communication in the organization
  • Administration of the knowledge and collaborative environment
  • Organizational transparency
  • Satisfaction of employees and clients
  • Reduction of costs in the distribution of the information
  • Less phone calls and emails
  • Administration of information in real time

Benefits of the implementation of a Portal

  • The business users can easily administrate the pages of the Portal and create their own content
  • Access to the Portal on everything from desk tops to mobile devices, just as smartphones or tablets
  • Execution oriented to the business needs
  • Through the multi-language interfaces of the Portal will be prepared to have a global reach
  • Through the access to content based on the roles and the options of personalization, the users of the Portal will visualize the information relevant to their activities
  • High performance and availability

Features of a Portal

  • The technology and architecture provides a safe and scalable environment
  • The safety characteristic include authentication, single sign-on, authorization, user administration and safe communication
  • Alignment to the Portal according to the business processes of the organization.

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