Testing & QA

Aim to prevent issues in quality before they happen and make sure expectations are met and maintained way beyond the release point.

Software quality as a service has evolved from manual to automated and from iterative to agile in most fronts in the application area.

We have just the right size for your business and through a proprietary testing methodology, and the flexibility to provide process, practice and resources that adapt to your specific level of maturity, we can work together to prevent quality issues and assure it in the long run.

Reasons to outsource your QA and Testing needs


  • The time to market keeps getting shorter and accelerated by the business needs.
  • You cant reasonably keep enough profiles and skill sets to test the ever changing technology and platform needs of your organization.
  • Gradually evolving to the cloud, means you need a pragmatic testing service that if sourced internally would not be able to adapt fast enough.
  • Its becoming harder to separate your agile development outsourcing needs from your QA and testing agile needs, so its preferable if you outsource them both for better business results.

Benefits derived from a QA and Testing Service

  • Outsourcing the quality control of the applications will help you increase your coverage at a more competitive cost.
  • A dedicated QA team and strategy will aim to prevent the issues in production, optimizing your application investment.
  • Quality done right provides the organization with a higher level of satisfaction and increases collaboration between technology and business.
  • You are looking beyond the release date to guarantee the quality level of the application in the long run, which will be provided by qualified dedicated testing resources with the experience to set up a test strategy with that goal in mind.
  • ROI on the right quality strategy will be generated through automation based on open source tools and agile easy to maintain artifacts.
  • Keeping your testing capabilities outsourced near shore gives you control and risk mitigation all in one solution.

Features of a QA and Testing Service

  • Iterative or Agile with your own or our own proprietary methodology.
  • Automation , TDD, Continuous Integration
  • Resource based, Core Team based, Project based, Factory based.
  • The majority of the work can be done near shore

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