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A transformation process aligned to the business strategy and development

The implantation and adoption of the Project management methodology is an evolutional and gradual transformation, that facilitates its acceptance and application through the continuous exercise and execution of actions directed to the control, administration and visibility of the projects and programs.

The main value that a PMO provides as a management and control center is the successful execution of the projects and the implementation of standard practices, all this through the coordination and alignment of the strategic and operative objectives of the firm.

Reasons for implementing a PMO


  • Inconsistencies in the planning and programing of projects
  • Unjustified projects
  • Projects focused on technologies and deliverables
  • Little/no integration between the projects of the organization
  • Little optimization of the resources
  • Lack of leadership and visibility in the business
  • Lack of precise information to inform and give total vision to the Management
  • Impact on the perception of the market and the shareholders

Benefits of the implementation of a PMO

  • Operative efficiencies through the coherent processes for the monitoring, control and reporting
  • Proactive management, planning and management
  • Execution oriented towards the needs of the business
  • Accompaniment and management for Project /program managers
  • Alignment of the projects to the business strategy
  • Integration of Project related between each other
  • Consistent information, homogeneous and precise of the situation of the projects

Features of a PMO

  • Component type-approval of the processes and tools for the management of the projects integrating the firm´s systems
  • Visibility of the management in real time and reduction of the planning efforts
  • Optimization of the resources – minor investment of the capture time and greater dedication in the administration
  • Reports available with minimum effort
  • Automatization through the implementation of the PPM tools under the SaaS model on site

Modes of Delivery

To fulfill the demand that the business demands, the projects should be complete on time and within the established budget, with the human resources, materials and adequate finances to achieve the strategic objectives. We can support your organization in this challenge through:


The SaaS model permits the delivery of a solution as a service to the final client, permitting them that they only realize specific configurations and a simplified administration, derived from an agile and quick implementation, without having to worry about related aspects to the infrastructure, updating of solutions, maintenance and general delivery of the service and product.

Through a monthly subscription, our clients can make use of the project process solution (PPM) located on the cloud, being accessible from any location.

Our services are complemented with on-site or remote training in the use, implementation and administration of the PPM tools under the SaaS model, On-Premises of processing of projects tools (PPM) such as HP PPM, CA PPM (Clarity), MS Project.

Coupled with this it is possible to implement solutions under the On-Premise model or on site, where we enable the solution in foreseen infrastructure by the client.


We analyze the current situation and develop a roadmap of implementation. We identify, prioritize and establish a set of activities to implement a new PMO. The deployment includes the establishment of a governing model, just as the standards that most adapt to the needs, basing ourselves on the experience, culture and operation model of the organization.


To carry your PMO to the next level, we review and evaluate your current structure, we identify finds and provide recommendations directed towards solving the areas of improvement. We develop a road map and, in collaboration with the organization, create an implementation plan including the points of improvement, the level of competency of the project office, optimization of resources, among others.


We help to Define and execute the strategies for the implementation of:

  • Project offices
  • Methodologies for the processing of projects
  • Organizational changes


We help our clients adopt methodologies of processing projects based on the needs of your organization, taking into consideration the size, complexity and duration of the projects or programs, just as the operational model. We evaluate the current state of the organizational processes and identify the points of improvement applicable.

Staffing_ModProvisioning of specialized and experienced Project Managers with leadership capabilities that support to guide, and advise our clients with management abilities to support in the operation of projects.

We count on specialists in processes, qualified and with constant training to develop said activities to integrate themselves to the work teams of our clients.

We select the most qualified specialists so that they carry out the diverse tasks related to the processing and advising of projects with the following profiles:

  • PMP (Project Management Professional): Specialized professional in projects.
  • CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management): Professionals with knowledge and skills in Project Management.
  • PgMP (Program Management Professional): Specialized professionals in program processing.
  • PfMP (Portfolio Management Professional): Specialized professionals in the processing of Project portfolios.
  • PMI-ACP (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner)


We count on the availability of specialists even during peaks in demands, without the need of increasing the headcount.

Optimization of the IT budget, in scenarios of de-assignment of their own resources.


If the processing of projects is not a specialty in your organization, we support you in the control of the operation of the Project office. We work jointly to understand your strategic objectives, and, through the experience of our Project Managers, we incorporate tools and methodology in:

  • Design, Deployment, Processing and Continuous Improvement of the Project Offices (PMO) under standards of the PMI.
  • Accompaniment with specialized resources.

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