IT Infrastructure Optimization

Streamline the business with a complete and automated architecture.

Our IT Infrastructure optimization services are considered a complete data center architecture that helps the firms reach their results without losing sight of the security, availability and delivery of faster and lower cost services.

It is necessary to evolve and overcome the limitations of the architecture centered on the obsolete hardware, and streamline the business with a complete and automated architecture that covers all the applications within the data center.

Which resolves for the client:


  • Eliminating redundant efforts
    Often the infrastructure and projects are created by individual teams, where each team starts at zero in each new project.
  • Complete visibility
    HITSS provides an infrastructure where the tools and best practices can integrate themselves and be accessible to all the teams and projects through the Cloud.
  • Best control and performance
    Through the consolidation, it offers order and uniformity in the systems, which permits cost control just as the elimination of the problem of a data infrastructure so fragmented that it impedes the right management or monitoring of the appropriate effort.
  • Facilitating growth

    Stablishing a frame of reference for the firm and a centralized focus to deploy new applications from the Cloud that can levy themselves for future development initiatives.

How to resolve them

  • Creating architecture that takes into account:
    –  Virtualization.
    – Private, public and hybrid clouds.
    – The adjustments and changes that require the operation of these new architectures.
    – Independent of the HW and SW vendors.
    – The potential and real savings that this new architecture can bring as much in the operation of the HW as in the SW.
  • Providing services to implement these new architectures:
    – Specialists in virtualization.
    - Migration of applications (jointly with our software factories).
    - Migration of Data bases.
    - Construction of the cloud infrastructure.
    - Implantation of the administrative tools required.

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