Financial Planning

Presenting consolidated financial statements under different scenarios.

  • Consolidation of auditable financial statements.
  • Financial DataMart that functions as a sole truth.
  • Technical personnel that understands the financial language.

Why HITSS is the only solution


Caring for the complete cycle: from the configuration  of the solution in the terms of accounts, firms,  adjustment movements, until the extraction and processing of the information.

Benefits of Financial Planning

  • Systemizing the typical movements of a consolidation such as:
  • Currency Exchange
  • Elimination of investment and capital
  • Elimination of intercompany operations.
  • Support changes in the structure of shareholding.
  • Keeping separate the basic information on the adjustments, permitting to
    see the results of different scenarios of the consolidation.
  • Demonstrating different types of consolidation, typically financial and

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