Faster, easier and more intelligent analytics

The Financial Performance Management OfFice helps to increase the efficiency of the financial process, deliver better forecasts and improve business performance.

With technologies that provides finance office can transform the entire business planning cycle, from setting goals and budgeting to creating reports, dashboards, integrated control, analysis and projections.

Take management solutions and dashboards strategies to help you monitor performance metrics and coordinate resources and efforts with corporate objectives and market events.

Benefits from the Financial Performance Management Office

  • Simulation of complex business processes
  • Highly multidimensional analysis. Perform complex analysis to identify profitable customers, products , and more profitable sales channels
  • Generating scenarios "what-if " .
  • Integrated management strategies.
  • Need to monitor the results of the operation through dashboards or indicator panel.
  • Need flexible data modeling.
  • Planning application deployment in the cloud.

Reasons to Implement Financial Performance Management Office

  • It allows organizations or the collaboration plans and budgets.
  • Expands the ability to perform an analysis to sophisticated financia
  • Quick adaptation to frequent changes
  • Modification or projections in the form na din mica bae to global factors.
  • Cooperation of relevant users quickly , regardless of location or mobility ( on cloud ) .

Hitss Services

  • Installation and configuration of the solution.
  • Implementing solutions from analysis to put into production.
  • Towers care .
  •  Staffing Services .

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