Enterprise Content Management

Streamlines decision making and the flow of information

The value and objective of a ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is to make the management of the corporate information easier through the simplification of storage, security, version control, the automization of processes, and the withholding of the documents or content.

An ECM solution assures the organizations


  • Managing the business in an efficient, ordered and responsible form.
  • Distributing the services in a consistent and equitable manner.
  • Documenting the policies, decisions and results of the interested and regulatory parties.
  • Fulfill the norms and legal requirements, including the audits.
  • Protecting themselves from legal suits.
  • Functioning in a financially and ethically responsible manner.
  • Protecting corporate interests, just as the rights of the employees, clients and other interested parties.
  • Safeguard your information enabling continuity of operations during emergencies or disasters.
  • Maintaining the institutional and corporate memory.

Benefits of a ECM

  • Cost and time savings.
  • Document management implies a cost reduction of up to 66%.
  • Reduction in storage and custody costs.
  • Generation of unnecessary copies.
  • Faster access and localization of the documentation/Information.
  • Shared documentation.
  • Reduction of administrative costs.
  • Guarantee of security and confidentiality
  • Generating trust and reliability against destruction or the unforeseen.
  • Permitting the auditing and follow-up of the information.
  • Streamlining decision-making and the flow of information.
  • The information(The content) is always available.
  • Increase in effectiveness, no need to redo the information.

In practice ECM realizes

  • The understanding of the needs of the business and it´s corporate policies.
  • The definition of the architecture of the corporate  information.
  • The implementation of the ECM portal.

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