Administration of Computer Integrated Services (ASCI)

Increase in the IT availability through a scalable delivery model
and reduce your costs

To stay competitive in today´s accelerated global market, your firm should be capable of responding rapidly to the demands and improving business processes required to fulfill the needs of the clients and the same organization. Implanting solutions to the Administration of IT Services permits the improvement to the availability, reducing operation and capital costs. Obtain excellent administration of all the systems in a centralized form using the best practices of the industry MSF, MOF, ITIL.

Reasons to implement ASCI


  • Increasing the technological investment return, scalable economy.
  • Maximizing their operation while diminishing the operating costs.
  • Reducing the risk of the technological operation.
  • Optimizing the budget destined to the area.
  • Minimizing the payroll expense, and computer equipment.
  • Eliminating the training cost of everyone in the systems area.
  • Managing processes and improving industry practices.
  • Accelerating the maturation in the TI operating processes.
  • Operating with service levels (SLA) and penalization.

Benefits of the ASCI

  • Administrate, operate and monitor in a proactive and NOT reactive manner.
  • Improve response times within the your firm.
  • Liberate personnel and internal resources to focus on the processes and critical projects of the business.
  • Control the HW/SW inventory.
  • Escalation with the Manufacturer (Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, SAP, etc.).
  • Certified operation under ISO20000 in processes.
  • Certified Engineers and technology experts, with 10+ years of experience (of solutions, not product).

ASCI offer

  • Outsourcing the monitoring of services and applications .
  • Outsourcing the administration and control of the information resources.
  • Design and implementation of administration and monitoring systems (System Center).
  • Design of architecture and processes for the systems administration and Microsoft services.