Desk Side Support

The goal of the Desk Side service is to be the perfect complement and continuation of your IT Service Desk activity. They provide second level support after the service desk, and are dispatched to the user when needed.

Escalated to by the SD, and acting as a preventing entity, they carry out all activities that require on site presence and face to face interaction, which cannot be achieved by the service desk agent. They are in charge of the handling of all physical hardware/ software requirements.

When acting as a proactive group, they carry out routine maintenance, prevention and security activities required by the users, the site and the organization around the hardware and software deployed in the hands of the users.

Reasons to outsource Desk Side Support


  • While you could do it internally, why would you when the evolution and changes in technology require constant update and change in the profiles of the agents.
  • A vendor will provide you with an already installed capability for infrastructure that avoids initial investment.
  • Outsourcing it raises the quality bar and competitiveness of the model which at the end of the day reflects on the service.
  • It is a service highly commoditized and understood, which minimizes risk of transition which could be a deterrent to outsourcing.
  • Extremely competitive pricing in the market.

Benefits derived from an outsourced Desk Side Support

  • Desk side support agents are always up to date with your ever changing technology.
  • The CIO has a quantifiable way of measuring satisfaction of the employees and end users, making improvement trackable and objective thru the SLAs being used.
  • Adoption of new company policies such as BYOD, mobile application adoption, security measures implementation are automatically adopted by our team. Once trained, once deployed, fully responsible delivery.
  • A strategic partner will offer you pre approved certified profiles that can execute maintenance on HW while maintaining the original warranty.
  • Although highly technical in nature, a knowledge data base is created for the enterprise and its recurrent technology, user, security issues.
  • A highly effective distributed team, making the most efficient use of your locations and user demand for service.

Features of the Desk Side Support

  • Fully based on volume of tickets and contact types, to develop a pure service based solution.
  • Can be provided 24 by 7 down to regular business hours live or on call.
  • Bilingual , trilingual, ideally with a similar business culture and profile than that of the end user, with a localized feel.
  • Feasible thru an incident, ticket management tool which should be owned by the customer or provided as part of.

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