Data Center Operation and Support

Moving beyond specifics, all data centers need help in executing the every tasks and operations required by the business. Particularly if you are currently investing valuable infrastructure leadership in it, and keeping them up 24 by 7 for all minor and major issues.

Every business operation needs people on the ground, on the data centers, keeping the lights on. Hands and feet, making sure all issues are being addressed, escalating issues when unforeseen events happen, getting actively involved with the infrastructure when the remote support team has exhausted all options.

Reasons to outsource your DC operation


  • While you could do it internally, why would you when the evolution and changes in technology require constant update and change in the profiles of the experts.
  • Typical 24 by 7 shifts are difficult to support without an extended team that is switched in and out. Keeping that in house is expensive and high risk.
  • Outsourcing it raises the quality bar and competitiveness of the model which at the end of the day reflects on the service.
  • It is a service highly commoditized and understood, which minimizes risk of transition which could be a deterrent to outsourcing.

Benefits derived from having qualified data center support and operations

  • The coverage offered by a vendor can be defined as needed, from a 24 by 7 live to a typical business day only.
  • Increased confidence in the infrastructure and platform can now be measured and tracked with the right SLA definition.
  • Adoption of processes will assure preventive actions are taken all the time, and these can be tracked thru SLAs and the right incident management process, which can then be presented to the CIO.
  • Continuous Service Improvement will give the CIO elements to assure year over year savings to the business.
  • Having the right combination of resources on the ground working with your remote teams, can assure SLA compliance and immediate response to your business.

Features of the DC Support and Operations

  • Process driven and based on Standard Operating Procedures, aligned to ITIL.
  • Can be provided 24 by 7 down to regular business hours live or on call.
  • Can be just hands and feet on the data center, or highly specialized profiles.

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