CRM Solutions

A new way of connecting with your clients, learning about
their behavior and reinventing their business model.

Currently firms are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors, focusing on offering personalized service and excellent quality with the objective of attracting and retaining clients. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a business strategy centered on the client, combine processes, individuals and technology to help achieve this objective. The firms can connect with their clients in a new manner thanks to the latest innovations in mobile, social and cloud technology to sell, lend services, commercialize and achieve more success than ever.

Reasons to implement a CRM


  • Client information and decentralized prospects, outlook, excel, notebooks, remove the agility of the commercial process.
  • Difficulty in giving follow-up to potential businesses and proposals delivered to clients.
  • Difficulty in registering and following up to service cases.
  • There does not exist statistical information of the service cases. Limited channels of attention to clients.
  • There is no sole vision of the client between the service area and the sales area.
  • It is difficult to segment clients, which provokes high costs in the company.
  • Not very effective campaigns, since there is no adequate knowledge of the client.

Benefits of implementing a CRM

  • Register all information and client interaction in one place. Automate complex commercial processes to drive even more productivity.
  • Establish priorities and make rapid decisions based on the information. Manage your firm from your phone.
  • Offer your clients the answers that are needed, when they are needed.
  • Find the clients wherever they are with the help service on various channels. Offer your agents the adequate systems to resolve cases in a rapid and simple manner.
  • Plan, personalize and optimize the client´s journey.
  • Guide your clients on personalized trips on channels and devices, delivering the right message at the right time through the right channels.

CRM Modules

  • Sales Cloud - CRM and automization of the sales force.
  • Service Cloud – Support and personalized help desk.
  • Marketing Cloud – Digital Marketing Platform.
  • Community – Connecting clients, partners and employees.
  • Platform & Apps – Convert your ideas into applications.


We have Certified Consultants with vast experience implementing CRM solutions and developing applications for Cloud using Using a turnkey project model, we define the scope of the project based on the needs and requirements of our customers, and we develop an effort and cost estimate to develop the solution.

Our implementation methodology is designed using best practices and quick turnaround times and delivery to generate value for the business in the short term. It encompasses all project phases including discovery and definition until implementation and production rollout.

Our implementation services include:

  • Analysis and Design of CRM Solutions
  • Configuration, Customization and Readiness of all CRM solutions offered by Salesforce (SaaS)
  • Custom development of enterprise applications on the cloud using (PaaP)
  • Systems Integration with external applications
  • Functional and Technical Consulting on Salesforce
  • Support and Training


The SaaS model allows for the delivery of the solution as a service to the end user, allowing the customer to do specific configurations and a simplified management of the scope, creating an environment for quick and agile implementations, without having to worry about things like infrastructure, product updates or upgrades, maintenance and the overall delivery of the service provided by the application and product.

PaaS offers a quick and profitable model for the development and execution of custom applications on the Cloud, allowing you to concentrate in the user experience and the functionality of the application for the business, without the concerns of managing a complex infrastructure with its hardware and software.

By acquisition of a monthly subscription, clients can use all the CRM solutions hosted in the Cloud , and that of the development platform.


We provide different support models that allow us to adapt to our customer needs. Our team of consultants supports you in the management and maintenance of the solutions on providing you technical and functional advisory.

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