Cloud computing is a general term used to describe the delivery of hosted IT services over the Internet.

Cloud computing is a delivery model that enables convenient access on demand to a set of shared computing services and capabilities such as networks, servers, applications and other services which can be virtually allocated and released with minimal effort and interaction with the administrator or provider.

Reasons to implement a Cloud Solution

  • Major organizations are building their own private clouds.
  • Cloud computing will transform the knowledge needs of the IT professionals.
  • The IT areas in the organizations will become smaller as business end users decide to go directly to the cloud to satisfy their needs.
  • PYMES as well as large corporations will be managed in the Cloud.
  • Resources and services available in the Cloud will become more and more flexible over time.
  • Large corporations will become providers of services in the Cloud.
  • Cloud computing will trigger innovation.
  • Internet browsers will eventually be the only application you will need on your desktop.

¿Concerns? ¡HITSS can help you address them !

¿What can I do with my existing applications?, ¿how do I migrate them to the Cloud?,

¿will I be able to migrate all of them?;And those I can’t move, ¿how do I manage them?;

¿Does my current application technology platform matter when it comes to migrating to Cloud? (x86, SPARC, RISC, etc.), and ¿do my operating system type matters? (LINUX,Windows?);

¿What virtualization platforms are available and which ones should or could use?;

¿How do I integrate a public cloud with what I have in my data center?;

¿Does this mean now I have to manage twice as much scope?;

¿Which Cloud should I use?, ¿Amazon?, ¿Azure?, ¿Google?, ¿Triara?; ¿What is openstack? If my people do not know about Cloud Computing, ¿who will manage it?.

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