Business Process Management

The Business Process Management solution is a platform that integrates the individuals with the content, the work flow and the intelligent business tools permitting better decision and granting the capability of achieving better business results in any place and in all parts.

The Business Process Solution assures the organizations


  • The power channels all the information assets through a unique interface, customizable and easy to use.
  • Incorporating workflows in a flexible manner, maintaining the decision making in the hands of the individual responsible for the attention of the process obtaining an improvement in the obtaining of the final results of the business.
  • Consolidating commercial information, the documentation and realization of the contextual analysis to realize a more informed decision making.
  • Having a repository of integrated content providing value for the organization and improving attention to the client.
  • The incorporation of the use of analysis tools permitting the examination of similitudes between the processes and providing a greater context to evaluate the attention of the current process.

Benefits on integrating BPM and ECM

  • Execution of activities more efficiently; producing the same results with less resources such as time, money, goods and labor.
  • Create greater agility of the business; better response to the changing conditions of the market.
  • Producing sufficient visibility; creating auditing registers through a chain of activities, satisfying different fulfillment and norm requirements.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Delivery of the integrated processes that reach towards distributed IT features and also to the workers.
  • Increase in the automatized execution level of the transactions due to the systemization of the process activities:
    - Reduce the execution time.
    - Offering greater capacity of transactional volume.
    - Reduce human errors.

In the BPM practice we realize:

  • The understanding of the needs of the business and of the corporate policies.
  • The implementation of the Process Management portal.

Business Process Management


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