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Transform your data through the appropriate software in knowledge that supports decision-making in your organization.

The development, implementation and adoption of a BA solution is an internal cultural change in how to explore, consult and present the indicator. The change should be made from upper management or by the management that has the need of applying a solution.
The BA solutions are a competitive advantage in the market, they offer new forms of analyzing the data universe, optimizing response times to the business questions with the objective of reaching, improving, growing and being more competitive.

Reasons for implementing a BA Solution


  • Decision-making with limited information in veracity and delayed.
  • Inconsistency in executive reports and indicators.
  • High investment in time in developing and presenting reports.
  • Manual intervention in the preparation of metrics.
  • Information islands.
  • Deficient follow-up to the KPIS.
  • Lacking historical, comparative, participation, distribution and data control analysis.
  • Decentralized planning.
  • Lacking What if scenarios.

Benefits of implementing a BA Solution

  • One sole information truth in the organization (Data Warehouse)
  • Independence to the users in analysis, consults, generating reports and presenting indicators.
  • Information to the different levels of the organization. Upper Management, Managers, and operatives.
  • Indicators aligned to the business strategy.
  • Massive distribution of information.
  • Collaborative planning models concerning the budget, expenses, sales, etc.
  • Automating data processing, generating reports and  indicators.
  • Centralized, controlled and monitored access of use.

Features of a BA Solution

  • Approved business rules in reports and indicators.
  • Cultural change in the exploration and exploitation of the  information.
  • Information available 7x24x365
  • Access to reports and indicators from any point where an  internet connection exists.

Modes of Delivery

Modes of Delivery of Business Intelligence Data Analytics Projects.
According to the particular time that the firm is living in, one mode of deliver could be more attractive for delivery than another. For BI-Analytics Projects the following are available:

There will be made a pre-analysis of the objective to be attained and in accord with this there will be structured an economic proposal with the corresponding scheduling of the activities. Typically, a closed Project will present phases of Analysis, Design, Development, Tests, Implementation and Release. HITSS designates a work team in the charge of a technical leader and depending on the number of resources involved there will also be included a PM. For these types of projects there is followed HITSS own methodological frame.


HITSS places at the reach of the client resources with great experience in the management of their own BI Tools, such as Modeling of data, construction of data repositories, extraction processes, transformation and charge (ETL), multidimensional modeling, construction of reports and generation of multidimensional cubes, among others. In this mode, the client is responsible for the work programs and the administration of the resources.

The client can resort to HITSS for problem solving of great complexity, since they count on the highly specialized resources with knowledge on the part of the manufacturer. These types of resources count on more than 20 years of experience, as much technical as business and with just a short time of their services, to give solution to problems that would take hundreds of hours to resolve by less qualified resources.

This type of delivery has had much success in firms that decide to develop their own resources, above all in the area of Financial Planning and Business Modeling. HITSS participates in the training, analysis and design one hundred percent and afterwards intervenes through a limited hour bag in development, during which there are left tasks to the same resources of the client and periodically there is reviewed the advance and there are taught better practices.

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