Big Data

Converting your firm´s information into money

With the new Big Data technologies, it is now possible to take advantage of information in new ways placing it at the service of the organization.

Take advantage that Big Data provides increased capabilities in storage, conditioning and predictability to strengthen sales, operations or diminish the risks.

Obtain competitive advantages that your competitors don´t even suspect exists. Evolve your business into a new millennium digital firm using the discoveries as a disruptive element adopting Big Data strategies with the support of HITSS.

Benefits of the implementatin of Big Data


  • Obtain competitive advantages in topics that appear exhausted and unexpected.
  • Reduce operating and administrative costs.
  • Place themselves on the cutting edge of the industry.
  • Substantially improve the perception that the clients have of the brand or firm.
  • Giving use and life to the information that previously was simply collected and stored as: free text, audio, video, information on social networks of sensor information, of geolocalization.
  • Acquiring the capacity of monitoring and acting in real time.

Benefits of Big Data

  • Achieve 360 degree knowledge of the clients.
  • Taking the personalization of the services to an individual level without increasing the operating load.
  • Increasing client loyalty.
  • Diminishing rates of abandonment.
  • Increasing response rates in media campaigns.
  • Predict all types of failures.
  • Optimizing the use of assets and resources.
  • Diminishing all types of risks.
  • ... And much more

BDML offer

  • Outsourcing the strategic alignment and the risk evaluation to determine the most prized action.
  • Outsourcing the modeling, identification and proving of he value of the solution.
  • Design and implementation of digestion systems, massive processing, mediation and intelligent drive.
  • Outsourcing the technological support and value assuredness towers realizing the solution.

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