Application Maintenance
and Support (AMS)

Manage the risk of your every day operation, guarantee the service level for your business users and the optimization of your maintenance cost.

Maintenance and Support of existing applications continues to be one of the biggest challenges of every organization and one of the most expensive ones.

Starting with a detailed analysis of your current inventory of applications, we can develop an ad hoc solution for your business that is SLA based and offers savings year over year up front. We will give you the driving wheel of the service, while we take care of the entire operation with our Service Manager.

Reasons to implement an AMS


  • You need to clearly identify your portfolio of applications and the expense associated to their operation.
  • You need to spend less on maintenance and more on differentiators.
  • You are using pricy strategic development resources to fix existing applications.
  • Multiple areas of the business are not getting what they need from the applications for lack of customization or quick enhancements that today can’t be developed fast enough.
  • You don’t know how much you are spending on applications that are being used by only a few users.
  • You want better control of the risk during transition and operation by using a Near Shore partner

Benefits derived from an AMS Service

  • Knowing the real effort and investment required on day one to operate the entire portfolio of applications for your business.
  • Understanding which areas of your business are requiring more maintenance and enhancements than others and provide transparency on the chargeback.
  • Generate awareness on your organization to identify what is really critical and what is not.
  • The evolution of the application portfolio is always visible. You can determine when to sunset an application, when to retire, when to merge.
  • Access to real mechanisms to evaluate and improve the application service being provided to your business users, thru SLAs and metrics.
  • Focus your resources on the governance of the service, not the control of the individuals, which allows you to reallocate focus and resources back to your business.

Features of an AMS Service

  • Includes Production Support, Maintenance and Business User Support, plus small Enhancement work.
  • Fully Service Based delivery model.
  • The majority of the work can be done near shore.
  • Typically a multi year contract with an annual fix price.
  • SPOC for all governance and management aspects of the relationship.

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