About Us

We believe that people are the centerpiece of a company.

Company Profile

HITSS is a company of Grupo Carso founded in 1986, Having started with 500 resources in its first 10 years of operation, today has over 7000 employees in 6 countries.

HITSS has established itself as a company highly specialized in the development, implementation, consulting and integration of information technologies.
We have application life management and enterprise consulting practices.
With our broad and robust portfolio of practices and services, HITSS is the ideal partner to help define and support your strategies, making your company smarter, more productive and efficient, minimizing risks and costs.

30 years

of experience








We have a community of consultants that define practices and implementation strategies focused on improving the organizational processes of our customers; making them more competitive and efficient by looking at them from a 360 perspective, never based on a single problem view.

Broad experience in solutions applied to Business Intelligence and Financials. By using this experience, we collaborate with our customers and enable them to maximize the use and benefits of the data being generated in their organization, data created as the result of their internal operation, their customer’s behavior and in general produced as a result of their environment.
We help our customers transform data into decision making information, either by process or technology, converting data into a differentiator.


Improve your current commercial processes through the use of CRM technology. Enhance and optimize your administrative and enterprise processes with an ERP Solution. Combine and implement strategic tools to manage assets, including human resources, key processes and documents integra-ting BPM/CPM services and solutions.

Infrastructure Optimization
A centralized optimization model for infrastructure helps our customers understand the details around their resources, define a safer architecture, better managed and more responsive to change. The goal is to achieve a reduction of total costs by the use of virtualization, cloud technology and alignment with legacy infrastructure.

Software Application Development and Management

Our Software Testing Factory model based on our proprietary
T Process model, is based on world class TMMI practices with over 19,000 men/hours per month of installed capability.

Our Software Development Factory based on a CMMi Level 5 AMMI Methodology, includes best practices from CMMi Development and PMI processes with over 25,000 men /hours per month of installed capabi-lity. The core technology stack includes JAVA, .NET, Cobol, among others.

Software Architecture and Fixed Projects delivery is aimed at customers in need of ad hoc development solutions of already owned technology stacks, using our software factories or a more traditional iterative or agile process.

Staff Augmentation and complementing existing customer capabilities provides mechanisms to filter and allocate the needed profiles for tasks that the customer cannot fulfill on their own, and are strategic for their business and technology requirements. With over 1,500 resources today complementing existing customers we have the ability to provide and ramp up in multiple profiles and technologies.

Application Services based on SLAs include the delivery of application tasks, application operation and monitoring of requirements using service level agreements. With over 100 FTEs today providing these services around the clock from our delivery centers, we can tailor specific SLAs to the business needs, and allocate the resources necessary to satisfy them based on application criticality and business impact. We provide the physical
infrastructure to meet the customer standards and security requirements to assure adequate BCP and DRP mechanisms.

6 SW factories

in Mexico

4 SW Factories

in Southamerica

More than 30 million

Code Lines.



Industry and vertical knowledge expertise.
Openness and flexibility to identify, create and operate the business model needed by our client.
Create long-term relationships as business partners.
Search efficiencies and continual improvements that add value to the business relationship.
Having the best human capital and industry consulting practices.
To delivering our services with quality, properly and on time.
Search models to create products and services that add value to the industry.