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HITSS Integrator of technological ecosystems

Project Management Services

Through a monthly subscription, our clients can make use of the project process solution (PPM)
located on the cloud, being accessible from any location.

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Streamline the business with a complete and automated architecture.

Customer Centric

Know your clients, make them profitable, maximize them and secure their loyalty.

WEB Portals and Mobile applications

A web-based environment that permits access to applications, services and information in a consistent and systematic manner.

BI / Analytics

Transform your data through the appropriate software in knowledge that supports decision-making in your organization.


More than 30 years of experience in the IT world stand behind us as one of the most important companies in the industry. We specialize in the development and implementation of innovative and cutting edge solutions to meet the challenges of today’s digital age.

Success Stories


A service goes beyond what you can easily describe, to provide a service you must experience it and understand it and we are experts at that; therein lies our competitive advantage, we understand you and that is the most important thing; get to know us.


Our solutions are not just one more; they are a response tailored to the needs of our customers, our experience speaks for itself; get to know every one of them.


We are proudly a Mexican company with more than 7,000 employees not just domestically, but also throughout Latin America and the United States.
We have presence in: Mexico, United States, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Central America.



The Carlos Slim Foundation Awards were created aiming to recognize individuals and institutions committed to health improvement of the Latin-American population, whose commitment has materialized into the generation of solutions to the main challenges in public health faced within the region, either through research, innovation in health care programs or the development of strategies and public goods.

The Carlos Slim Foundation Awards are granted annually in two categories:

  • The Carlos Slim Award for Life Achievement in Research
  • The Carlos Slim Award for Outstanding Institution


Besides the Health Award Statuette, the award amounts to $100,000 USD (or its equivalent) per category.

A jury will be responsible for evaluating the nominations, as well as for selecting and proposing three candidates per category to be granted the awards. The jury may conduct consultations with third party experts while deliberating. The jury’s proposals will be submitted to the Carlos Slim Foundation Institute’s Board of Directors, which will adopt the final decision and announce the 2016 award-winners for each category.

The jury may declare the awards void, in one or both categories, should the submitted nominations are not deemed to be suitable in accordance with the Carlos Slim Foundation Awards’ guidelines and objectives. The decisions of the Carlos Slim Foundation Board of Directors are final.


The term for submitting nominations begins on August 1st, 2016 and ends on 31st October, 2016 with a deadline at 23:59 (Mexico City time) . Nominations shall be submitted online either through the website

For enquiries or clarifications, please send an e-mail to the address and it must be answered within a maximum of 3 working days. If you do not get a response by then, please resend your e-mail.

This call for nominations may be consulted in the Carlos Slim Foundation website; access to nominations forms is also available in both websites.

The awards’ results will be made public no later than the las day of February, 2016 in the Carlos Slim Foundation website The award-winners will be notified that same day through an e-mail communication.

The Carlos Slim Foundation Awards’ ceremony will take place in 2017 in Mexico City.

New HITSS Organizational Culture Launching

New HITSS Organizational Culture Launching

On May 25th, a very important event in the history of HITSS took place, as our new organizational culture "igeek" was introduced, bringing several great impact positive changes.

HITSS has decided to be a protagonist in this constant evolution in order to achieve better functionality and adaptation to the different ecosystems of technology services. We are in the period of greatest change in the history of humanity in which changes are accelerated and happen.

The igeek culture takes as a base line that we are a company whose most important asset is people and this is the reason why the following values are highlighted:


Vision: "Create, maintain and form ecosystems of technology services".

1st IDC Digital Transformation Seminar sponsored by HITSS

1st IDC Digital Transformation Seminar sponsored by HITSS

IDC (International Data Corporation), a global market intelligence and IT consulting company had its 1st Digital Transformation Seminar in Mexico and HITSS was the proud sponsor.

The organizer presented different points of view on the subject: global, regional and local. Regarding the global perspective, Joseph Pucciarelli, VP and IT Executive Advisor, explained how businesses have been reinvented by the development of new technological capabilities. Sergio Villate, the Group VP, explained the regional vision discussing the role of the CXO, an essential actor in the transformation of the business. Regarding the local vision, Jorge Gómez, Business Solutions Director, presented the macroeconomic panorama of the Digital Transformation between Mexico and the world.

HITSS detailed the use of the Telematics Platform, which operates in real time, providing important benefits for companies of any industry regardless of their size and inspiring great interest among the participants due to the great solution it represents in terms of cost reduction and increased security, control and levels of service.

The event included companies such as DarkTrace, LogMeIn, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cloud IT and VMWare, who shared their experiences and innovations in the field.

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